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Sharing painful experiences

4 minute read

My first visit to Cartagena as a grad student to start my research on memory and forgiveness was in December 2021. We were there with there with most members of the research team (Felipe de Brigard, Santiago Amaya, Pabl...

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Why I write a bad blog

3 minute read

It has taken me ages to write the second entry of this so-called blog. Some of my delay has to do with me being super busy doing other stuff. But to be honest, I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself for this to...

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Memory and forgiveness

Broadly, I am interested in understanding the relationship between memory and forgiveness. Some authors argue that forgiveness is related to forgetting the offense. However, we can find plenty of examples in which peopl...

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Frustration and forensic anthropologists

During my master’s, my research was focused on understanding the ways in which forensic anthropologists who search for victims of forced disappearance deal with the frustration of not being able to find them. In Colombi...

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